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Welcome to the Online Home of Our Dads’ Watches.

While this site is designed to showcase a business, it is our goal to do more than that. We hope that as the site evolves, it will become a useful resource to watch enthusiasts, as well as a springboard to opening dialog among professionals and watch collectors. We also intend to keep our readers abreast of the current news, events and happenings in the horological world.

The name of the site, and my business, is homage to my own father. As a kid, I remember sitting at his knee as he held his own watch up to my ear, letting me hear the tick of the movement. To this day, even after hearing thousands of watches over the years, hearing a mechanical movement will quite often bring me back to that. Like many watch enthusiasts, I feel a kinship with the tradition of the craft, and I hope to share my passion & enthusiasm for that here.

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by August in General Information

I am a firm believer in having a solid library of reference material on hand and do not take it lightly when giving out book recommendations. I hope the readers will find the various books as well as anything else I recommend from this website useful. [...]


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